UGG Boots - Real or fake?

Published: 28th January 2011
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Popular pieces of footwear are often the target of illegitimate production companies looking to turn a quick profit on a trend. Ugg Australia is one of these companies. There are thousands of these knockoff boots online, waiting to be purchased by an unsuspecting buyer due to their cheap price tag. By learning about the techniques used in determining a shoe's quality, there is less of a chance that a person will purchase a fake boot.

It is important to remember that a cheap product is mostly never a quality one. Sellers advertising boots way below current market value can be consistently dismissed as fakes or poor businesspeople. Only by having an unusually large quantity of fake items makes these values possible.

A trademark "R" on the sole of a boot often indicates it is of brand name quality. However, this may not always be the case, as this mark may still be present in a fake product. Yet, it is important to note that without this mark, the product is definitely a bootleg.

Labels are one of the harder aspects of an Ugg boot to scrutinize. For many knockoffs, the stitched label is high up on the heel, whereas the true product has them towards the bottom. Real boots are made in China, not Australia, as the buyer made be led to believe based on the company image. Labels on genuine Ugg boots are never tagged onto the shoe.

The lining within the boot is of genuine sheepskin fur, which lends to the shoe's comfort and quality. The softness or roughness of the fur is used to measure whether synthetic fibers are used. True sheepskin is smooth and soft. This fake fiber may also drop off during periods of storage or usage, simply by being a cheap knockoff of the original brand, and can be stringy or rough when touched.

Overall, determining the authenticity of a boot comes down to its overall appearance. Areas of the shoe that appear to be worn, tough, or simply look bad are things to look for when deciding on a purchase. Soles may be hard instead of flexible, or the fur may appear fake-looking. Dried glue pools on connecting areas of the shoe also indicate poor production quality. Having this knowledge at their disposal will lead future ugg Australia patrons to be able to purchase a quality product.

Deciding wether ugg boots are real or fake cam sometimes be tough.

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